Guts - Is It Poker?

Guts is a new card game that is related to the family of card games connected to poker. This is also a gambling game that involves different deals of 2 to 3 cards that are ranked the same as hand in poker. You will find betting for each deal as simple because players need to decide whether they want to be “in or out”. Every deal has its own face-off round, after which the loser can either match or rise the pot. The game ends when there is only one player who manage to be in and he or she will win the pot money. For those of you who do not enjoy card games as much as other online casino games we recommend to check out the slotsjungle casino for lots of variations of online slots.

Pot Growth

One of the best things about this game is that the pot grows rapidly. You can expect it to double or more for each round. It is possible that the pot grows 100 times of the original pot. You will find lots of variations. There are times when the single player with worst hand in the game should money to the pot, but he or she must double the pot instead of just matching the pot. There is a vicious variation wherein no one wins except when nobody will stay in. When a player chooses to add large amount of money into the pot, then he or she will stay in the game to win the money back. The game will continue and other players will add large amount of money making the pot huge. The pot can grow so big that no one can match it and this can become a huge problem as players do not know how to end the game. This is not a good variation if you will play together with your friends as it can create conflicts.


The Nuts is a variation of the Guts which is related to poker game. In this game, players are required to put definite amount of money into the pot. For instance, the bet can start with an amount of $1. If there are five players, then there will be $5 within the pot. All players will be dealt with two cards and the player holding the lower cards will win the game. If there is only one player that is in, then he or she will get a “nut”. If there are two players who are in, then no one will get a nut. The two players need to compete with each other using their cards and the one holding the lowest cards will win. The loser will pay the winner with the money that is equivalent to the amount of money in the pot.

Once the 3rd card is dealt, the highest card is considered as best cards. In the 4th card, the lower cards are considered as best cards and for the fifth and final round, the higher the cards the better. A player that gets 3 nuts will be declared as the winner and get the pot. If there are no three nuts for the first round, then there is a need for a second round.  For the second round, all players need to add a dollar within the pot. The game continues until someone gets three nuts.

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